Corona Sunsets Toronto by Stephanie Canarte

This year I've attended three music festivals: Brrrrr winter music fest, Digital Dreams and Corona Sunsets. Brrr and Digital Dreams have become staples in the Toronto electronic music scene but Corona Sunsets was a new comer. When I was told I would be shooting Corona Sunsets for I was excited but I didn't know what to expect.  

I packed my lenses and head out on rainy saturday afternoon. When I got to Hanlan's Point I was surprised by this amazing set up the folks from Corona Canada had prepared. It was beautiful and surreal but sadly the bad weather dampened the spirits of a lot of festival goers and the venue was almost empty. Later in the day the weather improved and more people arrived, the vibe was absolutely insane by the end of the night.

Amazing performances, solid line up and beautiful set ups made Corona Sunsets one of the best events I've attended this year.  Rain or shine I know I will definitely be going back next year.

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Jas Der aka Dj Linguist by Stephanie Canarte

Jas Der is a talented local DJ and a good friend of mine. I met her about a year ago at Andy's Pool Hall and I was instantly hooked by her quirky house mixes. During spring we got together and did an artist photo shoot. The challenge with this session was being able to capture both Jasmine's easy going personality and her 'cool Dj' side on camera. 

We roamed around U of T based on some locations Jas wanted to try, we made a pit stop to grab a bite to eat and we ended up the photo shoot at my place with some white background shots and patio shots.

Here is the result! To hear Dj Linguist mixes follow her on mixcloud for her upcoming gigs like her page on facebook.

Above and Beyond at Sound Academy by Stephanie Canarte

Tony and Jono

Tony and Jono

Like I mentioned in the past, I've been a fan of electronic music for the longest time and ever since I joined as a contributing photographer I have been lucky enough to photograph artists I truly respect and admire. This past saturday I shot Above and Beyond, not only do I like their music but they were amongst the first artists I used to listen when I got into the genre. When I got the news I was going to be shooting the show, I was completely fangirling! For the first time I was going to shoot my trance heroes, I've listening to these guys for years, so the whole experience was a dream come true!

Mark Oliver warming up the crowd

Mark Oliver warming up the crowd

I got there early so I would have an extra couple of minutes to get familiar with the venue and set up. The local legend Mark Oliver was on the decks and everywhere around me I could see the excited ravers getting ready for a night of classic trance tracks. Soon enough the room started getting full and Mark Oliver started dropping some serious house tunes that had the crowd grooving and moving until A&B hit the stage. 

When A&B finally appeared on the decks the crowd went absolutely nuts. Let me tell you, there are two types of fans I'll never mess with: Beliebers and A&B fans!! People love this group to insanity. When it comes to electronic artists, it's not that common to see people making signs or wearing custom t -shirts to an event. I saw people wearing the craziest things, the fans really went all out on Saturday.

The set was brilliant, it was hard to dance with a camera and a back ache but I couldn't help but groove. I've been to many shows but very few times I've seen people that moved by the music as I did that night. If you ever want to see grown men shed tears of joy I suggest you go and see Above and Beyond next time they are in town.

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Three Lessons Photography has taught me by Stephanie Canarte

Downsview Station, Toronto, ON

Downsview Station, Toronto, ON

You may wonder why do I title this post 'three lessons photography has taught me' and I start with a picture of a subway station?

The answer is quite simple, in order to take the picture above I had to learn 3 very important lessons.

1. Patience 

In a world of constant rush and tight deadlines, patience is often underrated. Unlike most people think, the perfect picture is not just a matter of having a fancy camera or catching a candid shot out of the blue, it takes time. For a perfect sunset, you have to know exactly when the sun is setting, what equipment do you need and how much time do you actually have to get the shot. Nature photographers spend hours at a time, waiting for wild animals to come out of their hiding spot. Food photographers sometimes spend hours working on one single dish just to get one photo.  Good pictures don't just happen, they are made.

2. Finding beauty in the simple things 

It's easy to forget that we are surrounded by beauty when our day to day seems so ordinary. Where you see an old watch, someone else might see an opportunity to tell a story about time. Photography has opened my eyes to that world of beauty, how a single ray of light can radically transform an image, how the right point of view can highlight symmetry and how expressions other than a smile can add so much more power to a portrait. Don't take your world for granted, because what you consider ordinary it's completely extraordinary in someone else's eyes.

3. Perseverance  

When I was starting out with photography I always wondered, what does it take to make my pictures look like that? I researched the story and the amount of work behind every photograph I liked. Tried techniques time and time again, most times failing, but the moment I go it right, it made the frustration vanish and made all that work worthwhile.  

Perseverance, patience and learning to see beauty in the simple things, did not only make me a better photographer, it also made me a better person. It helped me realize it takes time to create something really good and to always keep an eye out for the beautiful things around me.

Brrrrr Toronto Winter Music Festival by Stephanie Canarte

Bassjackers performing at Echo Beach 

Bassjackers performing at Echo Beach 

Who knew that dancing in the snow could be so much fun? Yesterday I shot Brrrrr Winter Music Fest for EDMTOR and I experienced an outdoors winter music festival for the very first time. I have to admit I was hesitant at first, the idea of enduring below zero temperatures to party sounds really crazy but once I got there the crowd and the sweet beats kept me warm throughout the night.

I'm happy I decided to take a chance on this and I was rewarded with some amazing music and some awesome shots!



Hot Since 82 at the Technodome

Hot Since 82 at the Technodome

IMG_9760 copy.jpg

Subject Appropriation by Stephanie Canarte

To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It means putting oneself into a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledge- and, therefore, like power.
— Susan Sontag, In Plato's Cave

I just started reading Susan Sontag's 'On Photography'. When you work in this field, it is almost impossible to not stumble with a quote from this book in one point or another. This book compiles a collection of essays that deeply analyzes the role of photography in the context of modern society. 

On Photography was written in the late 1970's, but in my opinion, Sontag's views about the subject still remain relevant, possibly now more than ever. 

I was browsing through a batch of photos, when I found this image and a quote came to my mind. It feels as if we both, photographer and subject, were appropriating something at the same time.

Dubfire in Toronto by Stephanie Canarte

Last weekend I had the opporunity to photograph Dubfire, amazing techno DJ who tore up the floor at Ryze nightclub. For those of you are who are not very familiar with him you might remember Deep Dish.  

Here are my favourite pics of the night. The opening DJs were pretty good but I was really impressed with Shaded who did a fantastic job warming up the crowd before Dubfire came in. 

For more shots visit EDM TOR's official facebook page

Nicole Moudaber at Ryze by Stephanie Canarte

I've been a huge fan of electronic music ever since I was in high school,  sometime by the end of my rebellious punk rock phase I discovered the genre and I got lost in the beat. This past weekend I had the chance to cross one big item off my bucket list: Photograph a DJ!

Nicole Moudaber is a London based techno DJ with a bold sound and  let me tell you, she is not afraid to drop some massive beats!

I have to admit, I didn't know much about her until recently when a friend of mine introduced to me to her music. I listened to one set and I could barely keep myself from dancing on my seat.

It was such a treat shooting her show, the crowd was completely hooked from beginning to end.

I will be covering more electronic music events since I recently became a contributing photographer for EDM TOR. If you are interested in the EDM scene in the city follow them on twitter and facebook.

A huge thank you to Adele Desloges and Dave Balance for this amazing opportunity! 

For the full album just click on the picture.