Breaking promises / by Stephanie Canarte

Last post I promised two things: That I would blog more and that I wouldn't go outside and freeze just to get good pictures.

This past weekend I broke one of those promises, I went to shoot out in the cold.

I got out of the city to visit a friend and she is originally from a small town around St. Catharine's. You are probably thinking why would anybody go there?  Trust me it took quite some convincing for me to go all the way there but when she told me about the landscapes and showed me a couple of quick shots, I knew I had to go there.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with what I found, miles and miles of untouched perfect snow. Honestly I think this is the first year I've enjoyed winter this much!

I'm not sure when I'll go back but I'm really looking forward to and next time hopefully I can get some more time to shoot. If you are looking for uncommon and untouched landscapes I highly recommend visiting Dunnville and its surroundings.

I'll leave you with some landscape photos and another random things I captured along the way.